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PDF copies of presentations given by SOUL members

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Rain Garden Presentation

Presentation on rain gardens and green infrastructure for a public audience. Introduces the importance of soil health and plant cover for managing rainfall

Green Infrastructure Presentation

Presentation on the importance of plants and soils in the long term function of green infrastructure projects. Intended for an industry and municipal planning audience.

Presentation on the relationship between soil carbon, food and climate. Introductory, intended for a public audience. If you would like an editable copy for presenting in your community, please contact SOUL and we can email you a copy of the PowerPoint file.

Presentation on restoring soil and ecosystems through agriculture, originally given at the Canadian Organic Growers, Ottawa, St. Lawrence, Outaouais Chapter.

Includes active links to referenced resources

Presentation on the topic of regenerative horticulture in urban spaces, given at the 2020 virtual Living Soils Symposium, hosted by Regeneration Canada.

Canadian Society for Organic Urban Land Care (SOUL)
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